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Fernando Bittar

This here is the collection of what I believe is the best work I've done over the years. Or at least the ones I like the most. I understand that putting soul and dedication into each project is what keeps me evolving, going forward.

Illustration, design and animation direction are the services I provide through my studio.


Here's a brief list of the places I have worked so far.

COMPLØ - Partner
CUBOCC - Head of Art
CUBOCC - Sr. Art Director
Gringo - Art Director
AgenciaClick - Art Director
AgenciaClick - Designer
Guan - Designer

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Ident commissioned by MTV Brazil for their Kill Boring Project.

We did a pack of illustrations commissioned by R/GA São Paulo for their Google Mobile Day campaign.

This was a really cool spot for Riachuelo which I did the illustrations under the direction of ACACA.

Type illustrations for MundoMix TV film on sex and condoms. Really fun stuff. Commissioned by Lobo.

Illustrated type for 'Ramo' continuecurioso's 2nd season.

Artwork for TED Global 2014, commissioned by Black Magic.

Illustrations for Globo's TV Network rebranding films. Both type and figurative illustrations done with a drawing top spin. Commissioned by Vetor Zero.

Illustrated key visual and six illustrations to be used as icons for Itau Mulheres Empreendedoras campaign website.

Illustrations for Señores' "Bike da Firma" campaign. Produced lots of illustrated assets to be used dynamically on the website.

Illustrations commissioned by D3 for their platform.

Illustrations for Trident Uva Verde package.

Animation direction and visual development for Rexona Teens Records MTV spot. This was a singing contest sponsored by Rexona and MTV Brasil.

Poster for an art auction at CUBOCC.

Idea and Key Visual pitch for Samsung's Galaxy S4 launch. Done while working at CUBOCC.

Twenty illustrated characters for NGO "Projeto Guri"

Direction and illustration for MTV Debate show.

Illustrations and visual development for a video web series which taught people what they didn’t learn at home or school.

Illustrations for Coca-Cola Light Plus.

Pitch campaign for Google Display Ads with Brazilian band Massacration. Done at CUBOCC.

Illustration for a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 TV campaign. This piece was later composited digitally into a couple of the film's shots.

For this MTV Big Audio package the idea was to visualize the emotional impact a great song would have in the human body, in a very conceptual and fun perspective.

Logo design and cover art pitch for Australian rapper, Three Sixty.

Key visual for Samsung's Galaxy 2 campaign. The mix of techniques brought work and play into one world.

Illustrations of some people's stories for continuecurioso.

Poster for CUBOCC’s gallery exposition.

Personal study of this creepy thing screaming. Too much TWD, I guess.

Virtual Set for MTV’s Hora Extra program. Starring the always faithful (and crazy-as-hell-dog) Alfie.

MTV Kill Boring

I was commissioned by the kind folks at MTV Brazil to create an ident that would represent my take on their new concept: Kill Boring. It's always pretty fun working on these types of projects and this one wasn't different. We did a very simple approach to this and tried to have a laugh at the end.

Client: MTV Brasil
Direction: Fernando Bittar
Design & Illustration: Fernando Bittar
Character Animation: Lucas Pasquini
Animation: Rafael Morinaga, Lucas Pasquini
Sound Design: Marcos Trinca
Thanks To: Juliana Mendonça, Leo Borelle, Camila Balthazar, Luiza Balthazar
Year: 2015

Google Mobile Day

I worked together with R/GA São Paulo to come up with these iconic representations of the possibilities that were created by the use of mobile devices in our day to day life. These illustrations were part of the campaign and event created for Google Brasil by R/GA São Paulo entitled Mobile Day.

Rejected studies:

Client: Google Brasil
Agency: R/GA São Paulo
Year: 2015
My Role: Illustration

Riachuelo Fortune Cookies

I was called by ACACA to help them with illustrations for this cool little spot for Riachuelo. The animation work is incredible and the video is super fun, watch it below.

MundoMix Camisinha

Lobo's creative director Ximba invited me to design and develop illustrations for a really cool spot for Mix Brasil. The spot talked about several sexual practices and each one had it's own illustration, according with the subject matter. Needless to say this was a very fun project to work on.

Client: Vetor Zero / Lobo
Year: 2014
My Role: Illustration, Styleframes

Type illustration for continuecurioso

The documentary web series continuecurioso was going to it's second season, called Ramo. We needed a fresh approach to the season's identity as it had a different proposal from it's first one. Since the idea was to follow the birth of a company from scratch, the visual concept was to bring a more hands-on, craft approach to all graphical elements. The type was done in acrylics and than scanned and processed digitally.

Client: continuecurioso
Year: 2014
My Role: Illustration

Artwork for TED Global 2014 South

This was an illustration I did for TED Global South, commissioned by my good friends at Black Magic. The theme was South and I chose to portray this idea of technology blending with nature which is what our country is known for.

Client: TED
Year: 2014
My Role: Illustration

Rede Globo Branquinha

I was invited by Vetor Zero's director Gabriel Nobrega to make a series of illustrations to be central part of a TV spot for Rede Globo. To present the new brand identity that were untouched for many years, the creative team from Globo came up with the idea of a spinning top that would draw several words and even a few figurative images on paper. The illustrations were made from a real spinning top and later scanned and put together digitally. There were close to a hundred doodles from the toy that I could later choose from. Below are both videos produced by Vetor Zero and also some images of these illustrations and a few extra shots.

Client: Rede Globo
Year: 2014
My Role: Illustration, Design
Production Co.: Vetor Zero / Lobo
Executive Producer: Alberto Lopes, Sérgio Sales
Production Team: Vetor Zero / Lobo
Direction: Gabriel Nobrega
Animation: Felipe Frazão
Sound: DR.DD Eletromúsica
Account Manager: Roberta Reigado, Thaís Lopes
CG Direction: Diogo Kalil
Rendering: Maurício Lobel
Compositing: Cristian Cunha
Project Manager: Eveline Weigel

Pitch for Itaú Mulheres Empreendedoras

Ampfy commissioned an illustrated keyvisual and icon set for their Itaú Mulheres Empreendedoras digital campaign. Altough the client's feedback was very positive, they ended up going with a different direction in the end.

Client: Itaú
Agency: Ampfy
Year: 2014
My Role: Illustration
Head of Art: Duda
Project Manager: Juliene Nigro

Bike da Firma

Bike da Firma is a very cool project by Señores which promotes the idea of commuting by bicycle and rewards those who pedals the most. I did the illustrations for the project's site.

Client: Señores
Studio: COMPLØ
Year: 2013
My Role: Illustration Grande Rio is a web platform that has everything about Brazilian carnaval. While at COMPLØ we were called to develop the platform's identity and art direction. There was also an illustrated header to the website which you can see below.

Client: Señores
Studio: COMPLØ
Year: 2013
My Role: Illustration

Trident Uva Verde

Illustration concept for Trident Uva Verde flavored gum. With a great partnership between CUBOCC and Kraft / Mondelez we developed a bunch of illustrated packages that had QR Codes and unlocked a game online. We went through a bunch of directions but ended up with a little grape that would change costumes in every pack. After the concept was approved we called André Maciel to produce the remaining characters' illustrations for the packs and also for the online game.

Client: Kraft / Mondelez
Agency: CUBOCC
Year: 2012
My Role: Designer, Illustrator
With: Florence Dagostini, Rafael Kfouri, Frederico Félix, Pedro Burneiko, Vicente Silva
Additional Illustrations: André Maciel
CD: Pedro Burneiko, Roberto Martini

Rexona Teens Records

I was responsible for a lot on this one. It was an animated spot to Rexona Teens and I worked on script, illustration, design and the overall art direction. The project was a contest to find the greatest singing teen girls in Brazil.

Client: Unilever / Rexona
Agency: CUBOCC
Year: 2012
My Role: Illustration, Art Direction
CD: Pedro Burneiko, Clauber Volinsky

CUBOCC's Art Auction Poster

When CUBOCC moved to a new office they decided to auction every art piece from their previous one and we needed a poster to basically spread the news around.

Agency / Client: CUBOCC
Year: 2012
Art Direction: Fernando Bittar, Florence Dagostini, Pedro Burneiko

Samsung Galaxy S4 Pitch

This was a really cool idea that involved a lab, lot's of fancy tech stuff and real, physical, experiences. Although it was ultimately rejected I think this concept was a pretty cool one, worth showing.

Client: Samsung
Agency: CUBOCC
Year: 2013
My Role: Designer, Illustrator, Head of Art

Character Design for Projeto Guri

I was called by art director Pedro Burneiko and GOMA to create twenty character illustrations for a Brazilian NPO called Projeto Guri. This is an awesome project that educates kids mostly about classical music. These characters are part of a campaign to bring awareness to the project. I was asked to illustrated characters that were made off of various instruments put together. That's the result, below.

Client: Projeto Guri
Production Company: GOMA
Year: 2010
Creative Concept: Pedro Burneiko, Clauber Volinsky
Art Direction: Pedro Burneiko
My Role: Illustrator

MTV Debate

Identity package for MTV Brasil's show Debate MTV hosted by Brazilian singer and compositor Lobão. The show's about discussing a bunch serious hot topics that affects Brazilian and world's population. Since the discussions often times are so passionately enthusiastic I decided to tell a history about the two different folks having a fight. The fight is obviously cartoonish to add fun to it and to remember that the discussions are not something to really fight over. I worked on this project from concept to production. Was responsible for the script, direction and design.

Client: MTV
Year: 2009
My Role: Script, Direction, Illustration
Animation: Lucas Pasquini
Sound: Guan

Escola Culta Madre

S—Kull and Superinteressante magazine joined forces to create a series of videos that taught people stuff they didn't learn at school. The content was always back with the magazine's scientific approach which made it very interesting. I was responsible to creating all illustration and visual assets, as well as to direct the pilot video and designing the brand's logo.

Client: Revista Superinteressante
Agency: CUBOCC
Year: 2012
My Role: Design, Art Direction, Illustration
With: Rafael Kfouri, Pedro Burneiko, Clauber Volinsky, Daniel Busch
CD: Pedro Burneiko, Clauber Volinsky
Fonts By: Diplomatas

Coca-Cola Light Plus

Coca-cola was releasing a brand new product: Coca-Cola Light Plus. At Gringo we were responsible to let everyone know what that was all about. The team came up with the idea of a website campaign that talked about evolution, since this product was a better version of Coca-Cola Light. With this idea in mind, we built a website that would let users draw on it and then automatically evolve their lines to a more complex illustration. Each one of the illustrations were tied to a curious piece of information that most people didn't know about, hence, giving a plus on their lives. I was responsible for all the illustrations on this project that was under the art-direction of Duda.

Client: Coca-Cola
Agency: Gringo
Year: 2009
My Role: Illustration
Art Direction: Duda
Copy: Bruno Bocchese

Google Display Ads Massacration Pitch

This idea was of a fake campaign to promote Google Display Ads to Google's media partners and other clients. We were to tell the Brazilian band Massacration would come back to create this big buzz, only to later reveal it was only a hoax.

Client: Google
Agency: CUBOCC
Year: 2011
My Role: Design, Art Direction
With: Frederico Félix

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

This illustration was used in a TV spot for Samsung's Galaxy Note 2 as a kind of graffitti that was inserted in post production.

Client: Samsung
Agency: CUBOCC
Year: 2012
My Role: Illustration

MTV Big Audio

In this work we tried to visualize the emotional impact of a great song in the human body, in a conceptual way. We also tried to stay away from a completely computer generated piece and admit and work with all the little flaws that are present in a more handcrafted work. The end result was an identity that wasn't plastic and cold but more human and emotional.

Client: MTV Brasil
Year: 2011
Direction: Fernando Bittar, Pedro Burneiko
Photography: Bruno Rondinelli
Script: Fernando Bittar, Juliana Mendonça, Pedro Burneiko
Art Assistant: André Koji
Motion Design & 3D: Lucas Pasquini
Sound Design: Guan
Props: Monstro Coisa

EMI Australia 360

EMI Australia and Soulmate Records approached me to design the visual identity for Australian rapper Matt Colwell, a.k.a 360. I designed the rapper's logo and a few studies for a cover art with photos shot by the awesome Michael Danischewski.

Client: EMI Australia
Year: 2010
My Role: Design

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Pitch

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 had the best of the tablet with the best of a mobile phone. This keyvisual pitch was an idea of how we envisioned these two worlds coming together.

Client: Samsung
Agency: CUBOCC
Year: 2012
My Role: Illustration, Design, Art Direction
With: Rafael Kfouri, Frederico Félix
CD: Pedro Burneiko

Illustrations for continuecurioso

A lot of people send life stories to continuecurioso and although many are really inspiring we couldn't interview everyone on film. To help spread a lot more stories we decided to make illustrations for the ones we liked the most.

Client: continuecurioso
Year: 2012 / 2013
My Role: Illustration

CUBOCC Art Expo Poster

Illustrated poster for CUBOCC's gallery expo that me and some of the agency's art directors did.

Zombie 3D Sculpt

This is a sculpt done in ZBrush I had a lot of fun with. I'm not a very technical 3D guy but this one served as a great lesson, sure learned a lot from it.

MTV Hora Extra

This was a collage I did for MTV in 2011 for a show called Hora Extra. It was a digital scenario that served as a backdrop for the VJ's who were hosting it.

Client: MTV Brasil
Year: 2011
My Role: Design, Digital Collage